Marketing & Communications Intern


As an intern, you will work with a Business Developer to create and publish various kinds of content with the goal of creating more traction with three target audiences: 'Big Industry', 'Big Medical' and 'Big Money'. This means you will have to gain insight into what triggers and motivates each of these groups, and how take a complex and nuanced story and translate that to something simple, coherent and compelling.

You will overhaul and regularly update the company website and other digital [b]channels[/b] contribute to the making of a professional company video, and create visual and text-based content.


You are either

  • a marketing / communication student with a strong affinity for life science
  • a life science student with a strong affinity for marketing/communication

Either way, you:

  • are fluent in English (near-native)
  • have demonstrable experience with visual software
  • can quickly acquire scientific/clinical understanding and knowledge
  • are independent, pro-active and creative


we offer a project in:

  • an amazing and young team that's small enough to know what people are doing
  • the wild wild west of medical deeptech
  • an environment with a lot of room for agency and operational freedom

About Idris Oncology

Blood samples can provide a wealth of information about a patient’s health and the progression of their disease. However, some things are so rare that you would need much more blood than you can safely take, as is the case for circulating tumor cells (CTCs). At Idris Oncology we develop flow biopsies; intravenous wires that capture and collect CTCs directly in the bloodstream. The quick, simple, and painless procedure provides many CTCs that can be used for any diagnostic test, reducing complications and enabling frequent testing to adjust the therapy as the cancer mutates.

The team

Idris Oncology is a medical device startup in the Leiden BioScience Park that just celebrated its sixth anniversary. Our team is young and ambitious and will be rapidly expanding. As the team is highly international, all communication and documentation is in English. You will join the R&D team, which mixes engineering and life science to develop medical devices, and will closely work with a project manager and QA officer to help achieve our goals.

You should really come and talk to us to see how your ambitions could fit with our project!

Hans Peter Mulder
Managing Director