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Press Release: Animal Trials Success

Idris announces breakthrough in development of blood flow biopsy technology

The end of painful and burdensome tissue biopsies is now in sight

December 29th 2022, Leiden (The Netherlands) - MedTech company Idris Oncology has successfully completed a series of animal tests with its flow biopsy technology. A thread or wire carrying receptors for harvesting biomarkers from within the blood has been inserted into the bloodstream of pigs and extracted later on without harming the animals. The proof of concept has shown that the method is viable and safe in pigs. Experiments on humans have come one big step closer. The experiments have been designed and executed in cooperation with the Experimental Cardiological Surgery department of the Erasmus University Medical Center. 

“Our technology can accelerate diagnostics for cancer, infections and other diseases. And it will improve the effectiveness of diagnostics dramatically,” said Hans Peter Mulder, co-founder and managing director of Idris Oncology. “If we succeed, the use of flow biopsies will be the end of the blood collection tubes as a means for diagnostics, as the traditional blood draw will become obsolete. Also, painful tissue biopsies could then be avoided by this technology”.  

Hans Peter Mulder, Idris Oncology.

Idris Oncology has now demonstrated in vivo safety and proof of concept. Mulder plans the general availability of Idris technology for clinical use at around 2027. But first a further series of experiments and tests needs to be successfully concluded. Mulder: “We are not there yet, but the results of the animal tests are very promising for the next stages”. Mulder is on the lookout for additional funding for the next phases. “We have invented, patented and fully own all critical technologies required for efficient capture of circulating tumor cells(CTCs), and have generated opportunities to expand the portfolio to other targets. We are now raising €900K to collaborate with a diagnostic partner and work towards a first-in-man study”. 

Idris WireTrap

About Idris 

MedTech company Idris Oncology BV specializes in flow biopsies. It develops medical device technology that provides samples with highly enriched levels of target biomarkers to greatly improve diagnostic performance. Flow biopsies are valuable when the rarity of biomarkers, such as ctDNA, CTCs or circulating bacteria, constrain diagnostic performance. Idris’ WireTrap, the flow biopsy device, is an intravenous wire that collects the target biomarker from within the bloodstream over time with a specialized shape and coating, and then provides the enriched material in a small and purified sample for downstream diagnostic tests. Idris Oncology just demonstrated in vivo safety and proof of concept.

Idris Oncology was founded in 2016 and the current headcount is 11. 

Robert Boyleweg 4
2333 CG Leiden
The Netherlands
Tel: +31 71 332 2411

Press contacts

Hans Peter Mulder, Co-founder and Managing Director, Idris Oncology
+31 6 43163844

Theo Loth, Loth Content Creation
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January 3, 2023

Hans Peter Mulder
Co-Founder & Co-CEO | Molecular Biologist
Hans Peter Mulder

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